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Truwex Online Tool: web accessibility, privacy, quality testing
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What is Truwex and how will it help your business?

Truwex is an all-in-one solution for the total quality management of your web site. A server application with a web interface, Truwex can be deployed on an individual or multiple computers. Truwex is the only web quality management tool which uses a real instance of Internet Explorer to scan every page of your website, validating it on privacy, accessibility, search, and quality standards, and then delivering the results in a visual report format published online.

The core product technology is called True Web Experience (TruWEx) because all web page properties including images, JavaScripts, and Flash movies are downloaded and rendered exactly as they would be when your site is viewed by a real user. This means that Truwex improves report accuracy and discovers problems which wouldn't otherwise be detected by other standard tools.

Truwex helps website owners monitor their web assets and report results accurately to managers. It allows web developers to validate website quality according to pre-defined corporate and industry standards.

Benefits to Businesses

  • Decision makers supported: improved understanding of web site status across the enterprise.
  • Risks mitigated: privacy and web accessibility regulations met, user experience standardized.
  • Web programs benchmarked: website metrics, marketing programs, corporate brand and design rules easily checked using Truwex.
  • Operation costs reduced: manual checks eliminated.
  • Revenue secured from web marketing programs of third parties (as Microsoft MDA).

Benefits to IT

  • Truwex is an all-in-one solution with a web interface, quick deployment, and the industry's most advanced user interface.
  • High report accuracy thanks to True Web Experience technology.
  • Flexibility: Truwex can be easily modified to inspect for a specific corporate quality standard or rule.
  • Truwex scales easily across large enterprises:
    • Truwex features website hierarchy and user management models based on the corporate standard: company-region-country-website.
    • Truwex quickly accommodates new compliance rules and reports on them.
    • Additional compliance rules can be easily added by local IT staff.
    • Truwex can check and report on tens of thousands of websites with millions of total pages.


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